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I’m ania krol

Lifestyle Designer & Career Fulfillment Coach

Join me in this journey of applying design thinking to your life in the pursuit of creating an adventuruos, exciting and fun life! 

One-On-One Coaching

“I empower my clients and make them see and realize that the potential to emotional, mental, financial and location independence is already within them.”

Laptop Lifestyle Coaching Programme

I am on a mission t help you to find a purpose using business coaching models and subsequently creating or developing your career in digital world” 

Why Work with Me?

I have done many things in life although I am only 30. My life, for me, was never meant to be linear and I always craved to find work that was a unique fit to my own strengths. Now I know I am a multipotential life coach. A person called multipotential has three main attributes: idea synthesis, rapid learning and adaptability. Thanks to working in various industries (project management, construction, education, tourism, consulting, technology), living in different countries (Poland, Sweden, The Netherlands, UK, US, Spain) working with different organisations (large, small, NGOs, local government and Universities), learning different things (music school, graphic design, environmental policies, teaching, digital marketing, volunteering, career advice, freelancing) I was able to link already accumulated knowledge with new skills and fresh ideas and soon I developed Lifestyle Design Models that with the smooth way let me study my own values, strengths and purpose. Over the years I was testing models, different lifestyles, developing strategies, talking to influencers and coaches and finally I reached my goal – I know what it takes to live a fulfilled life. 

My life completely changed.

Now I live the best possible life and I know exactly which steps you need to do the same! I can and I want to share with your all the knowledge and strategies to create the best version of yourself.

As an international coach, lifestyle designer and digital nomad I am empowering people around the world to discover their authentic careers, land more job offers and design their dream lifestyles.

My experience, expertise, knowledge and passions are my priceless ASSETS that I want to share and help you in designing the BEST POSSIBLE LIFESTYLE and CAREER.

My experience, expertise, knowledge and passions are gifts that I want to share and hep you with designing a lifestyle of your dreams

Lifestyle design is about living life on your own terms, having the time to do all the things you want, and also eliminating what you don’t like about your current lifestyle. 


Are you a person that knows investing in yourself is the best thing you can do?

Are you going to do the work it take to get the results? Because the results are certain!

Are you committed to understanding your life's purpose despite past pain or failure. Are you Courageous, Coachable, and Willing to embrace change?

Are you willing to improve your Decision Making Process, focus on Growth Mindset, Healthy Relationships and create an Impactful Lifestyle?

This is Lifestyle Design for Action Takers!

Major life changes don’t have to be that hard. Once you have the desire and the confidence to commit to taking the first step, the rest will come.



    • WHO AM I? Lack of clarity on the self-discovery and self-awareness process
    • Decision Making Process You are not satisfied with current pursuits
    • Lack of Focus  Information clutter and overwhelm that makes it hard to focus
    • No Clear Vision Does not know how to use existing skills for purposeful career development
    • I HAVE A GROWTH MINDSET You desire to know how to use your knowledge and skills to develop a great career
    • I AM A MULTIPOTENTIAL You desire to work towards reaching your full potential
    • I AM COMPLETELY FREEYou desire to have personal independence: work that brings money and location independence
    • I HAVE AN IMPACT You desire to serve others and make a great social impact

    • I provide a clarity on the client’s career path
    • I introduce a practical, helpful and actionable program that has a solution-focused and value-based approach
    • I help clients identify how to make an impact
    • I empower clients to chose sustainable relations
    • I guide clients to build a growth mindset
    • The best possible lifestyle in only 3 months
    • Better decision making process
    • Clearer self-awareness
    • financial and location independence
    • Growth mindset


    Happy Stories

    Ivana Maure

    ”I am very grateful for finding Ania! She is so genuine and honest but at the time assertive and straightforward. She makes things sound so easy and makes you feel comfortable. She cares about her clients and is passionate about her job.”

    Lindsay Palazzi

    ”I was feeling “stuck” and Ania guided me into taking a step back and looking at the big picture. She helped me discover my bravery as I switched careers. She gave me tasks which developed my self-confidence and offered advice when I needed it most. Thank you Ania for your dedication and patience! ”

    Anna Veillet

    ”I discover things about myself that often surprised me but in the end, it all came together to help me set clear goals for myself and set a manageable roadmap of how to get there. All with a help of great coach who guided me through the process.”

    Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Forging Your Own Path Today!