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Ania was my mentor at a freelance bootcamp organized by Future Collars. I am very happy that I met Ania in my life. I received a large dose of knowledge and motivation from her as a mentor. She taught me good practices in working with clients. Ania is a very nice, cultural and lively person and easily transfers knowledge. After each lesson with her, I felt strongly motivated.” – Katarzyna Klich

Ania showed me the path of growing a freelance profession, writing proposals, and getting and working with online clients. Ania has great knowledge about online business and gave many examples from her work with clients. With ease, she can transfer knowledge and she listens to her audience. I recommend working with Ania as a coach with all my heart! ” – Katarzyna Adamczyk

I can’t wonder enough how lucky I was to come across this wonderful woman. We had 4 months of business coaching while I aspired to go freelance. Ania has taught me so much, and I appreciate her help on so many levels. She knows exactly which buttons to press to keep you moving forward and motivated, at the same time there is a lot of understanding and empathy.” – Barbara Zając

 „Ania as my mentor was always perfectly prepared and dedicated. I appreciated mostly her huge experience in both being a freelancer and a coach. It made me feel that I am learning from a top professional. Her way of giving advice was always friendly and kind. To add more, she provided some very useful content that kept me learning and developing. I would definitely recommend her as a coach!” – Paulina Żmuda

Ania was my Mentor and it was a great pleasure to learn from her. Ania has the significant talent to share knowledge. If you want to know how to become a professional VA or freelancer, Ania is a great choice. She will support you and share many useful tips and best practices which will help you to build good relations with your future clients. ” – Aneta Dawidowicz

I had the pleasure to meet Ania during an online course, where she is a freelancing mentor. I was really impressed by her warmth, positive mindset, energy, and expertise. She encourages initiative, empowers and can support you while going outside of your comfort zone and entering an online career path. I feel extremely lucky that I could work with Ania and I can strongly recommend her as a coach!” – Kamilla Pikul

Hello My Friend!

 I’m Ania and I’m an online business & mindset coach! I work with freelancers and solopreneurs!!!
I have 5 years of experience in freelancing and coaching.

I have mentored over 120 people in growing their freelance businesses and I worked with clients from 15+ countries.

I provide a tailored made program for every single client.

Now more than ever, I feel called to offer what I do best: hold space for you and help you start or grow your online business that aims to serve others!

Why my clients love working with me?

1. We work on clarity: offer, niche, pricing – this is the foundation of everything.
2. I provide sales and marketing education – that school doesn’t teach us!
3. They can count on me while growing their business – accountability is a must!

I also support my clients in building a growth mindset that is key in their fresh entrepreneurial journey. 

My mission is to show my audience that it is worth looking for the best version of ourselves and it is possible to unlock our full potential. I am also a speaker, full-time digital nomad and a remote work advocate who has mentored 120+ students in building their freelance skills.

I have done many things in life although I am only in my 30s. My life, for me, was never meant to be linear and I always craved to find work that was a unique fit to my own strengths. Now I know I am a multipotential. A person called multipotential has three main attributes: idea synthesis, rapid learning and adaptability.

Over the years I was testing models, different lifestyles, developing strategies, talking to influencers and coaches and finally I reached my goal – I know what it takes to live a fulfilled life…

My life completely changed!!!

Now I live the best possible life and I know exactly which steps you need to do the same! Working for years a as freelancer, hiring freelancers to support my business, and helping my clients to find the best talents gave me so much insights about online business and freelance economy!!!

Now I want to share it with you, teach you, support you, mentor you because I know that THE FREEDOM to live wherever your want, and work with whoever you want and lead the life of your own design  is your ultimate value.

„Mindset Block” Questions


Investing in a coach, new mastermind or online course is about investing a sum of money in yourself and your dream. Most of the people (including me before) have these doubting questions.

Q: Why would I pay for something that I can learn myself?

  • A: But why didn’t you do it yet, huh?

Q: What if I spend my money and never get it back?

  • A: The secret is that invested in your dreams money is not finite. It is renewable. Invested money responds to growth and expansion. It comes back, very often with much more value.

Q: Do I really deserve to be spending this money on myself?

  • A: This is not spending, this is investing in yourself and in your dreams.
  • A: Of course you are worth it 100% !!!

Q: What if I want to grow but something tells me that it is OK to wait for a little longer?

  • A: You can’t be in a state of resistance and a state of growth at the same time. It’s just not possible. You need to ask yourself if you are really ready to stop being stuck. Can you make a decision now? Can you invest in your most precious things — your happiness, freedom, and independence?

  • A: I know you tend to cling to the number in your bank account to feel safe but believe me, once you start thinking like money is renewable, your perspective will drastically change. So start shifting your mindset into a growth mindset and start investing in your freedom.

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