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 Meet Robert Kocur

The Client

Please meet Robert; a passionate, multipotential with many talents, from acting, online marketing and events organising.  

The Challenge

After graduating from his MA in Promotional Media, Robert had several jobs, from Retail to PR. Lack of clarity and direction made him confused about what to do next!

The Solution

During our several coaching sessions together, we analysed his strengths, values, skills and career opportunities. Now Robert wants to travel the world and start freelancing in marketing and working for NGOs. 

The Results

“Ania made me realised I want to live a location-independent  lifestyle, explore the world and earn money while enjoying my life. Now I have a clear road map to get my first clients!”


 Meet Ivana Maure

The Client

Please meet Ivana; a passionate, skilled, extremely warm and kind Yoga Teacher and a Business Owner. 

The Challenge

Ivana had been thinking about opening your own yoga and meditation centre in Malaga, Spain for a long while but something was holding her back. She realized that this is because she wasn’t confident to do things on her own.

The Solution

During our one month programme together, we discovered Ivana’s limited beliefs, and then built her confidence by realising how much experience and power she already had. When she found her courage, Ivana was ready to open her own business.

The Results

Ania was everything I needed in order to be pushed out of my comfort zone and take the first step! She coached me for a month and I started my own Yoga Centre not long after that. Amazing! Thank you for everything!”


 Meet Lindsay Palazzi

The Client

Please meet Lindsay; a fun, open-minded, well-travelled American girl living in Spain and enjoying her life under the palms.

The Challenge

Lindsay was not happy at all with her current professional situation. It was not sustainable, not inspiring and affected her private life. She felt exhausted and discouraged because of lack of a work-life balance.

The Solution

Along our coaching programme, we worked on Lindsay’s mindset, confidence and “go getter” attitude. Lindsay was ready to find a new, challenginf career that would help her grow professionally. And she did it! She got a creative job, negotiated a flexible transition from the last job and felt more confident to step into a new chapter.

The Results

I was feeling “stuck” and Ania guided me into taking a step back and looking at the big picture. She helped me discover my bravery as I switched careers. She gave me tasks which developed my self-confidence and offered advice when I needed it most.

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