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Virtual strategy day with Ania!

start getting clients

BEFORE 2020!

for only 2 x $197 !!!











Are you a Freelancer with a Financial Struggle because you think you don’t know:

How to Create a Marketable Offer?

How to Find Clients?

How to Sell Your Offer?

Know Your Niche

You’ll learn how to choose a niche that combines the aspects of PASSION + PROFITABILITY, so that you only do work for people you care about! I’ll also show you how to discover EXACTLY what are the main paint points of your ideal client and how to solve them with your offer.


Craft Your Offer

I’ll help you package your services into marketable solutions using Results and Outcomes instead of FEATURES and SERVICE LIST. Once you get this right, your clients will instantly see how your work can help them achieve their goals or solve their challenges.

Lead Generation & Sales

We’ll build a ‘lead generation system’ that gets leads pouring in to your inbox every week. This is where you go from wishing clients see you to HARVESTING clients. I will teach how to work on your Sales Mindset that eliminate your Money Blocks!

A limited to only 5 SPOTS for 2019 1:1 virtual business support in the form of a strategy workshop in order to:

• Gain clarity on your business including:

– Who you want to serve

– What services to offer

– How to deliver the services

 – What you want to achieve in your business

– Short & long term goals

• Create a rock solid strategy to lead you directly to your goals

• Design a marketing strategy and map out a simple funnel to generate leads

• Develop a 90 day plan to ensure you’re able to achieve each of your short term goals in the space of 3 months

Who is this for:

Ambitious Freelancers Who Want to Grow and Evolve.

People who are willing to invest money to make money.

Open-Minded Individuals.

People who are 100% committed to their success.

VALUE: $1499

THIS TIME ONLY: 2 x $197


I’ll be providing 3 weeks of email support in order to help you begin your journey towards success.


We will have a 30 minute follow up call
to make sure you’re comfortable with everything you need to do or make adjustments to the strategy if necessary.

Exclusive freelance business strategy in 5 hours with me to start getting clients and:




"Ania showed me step by step how to make my business as a freelancer grow.”

Paula Nawrocka

“I strongly recommend Ania to all those who consider entering their own career path.”

Marta Zukowska

“Classes with Ania were above all substantive and very engaging.”

Marta Kunert